VICTOR42 partners with agencies to meet their missions, blending the right people and the right technologies at the right time. We work to reduce the costs of operating large-scale enterprises taking advantage of modern service delivery models, enhancing capabilities and empowering their workforce and stakeholders.

We leverage our expertise in technology service automation, software-defined enterprise solutions, hybrid IT architectures, integrated development and operations, and accelerated, innovative IT modernization to provide multi-faceted solutions.

VICTOR42 integrates IT solutions with management and strategic consulting to fulfill the complex missions of our customers.



We train your personnel, embed our personnel in your organization, or provide you with an entirely outsourced intelligence service tailored to your precise requirements.


We are intelligence professionals with an extensive breadth of experience. We access current operations and develop the processes and the management structure necessary to fulfill missions and requirements.


We use leading technology platforms and stand-alone products, wherever appropriate, to significantly enable the efficient, rapid collection and analysis of information or data. We also develop in-house solutions dedicated to specific challenges.

Innovation Management

Wherever a new and difficult challenge arises, or there is a need for a greater vision, we provide experts from across the intelligence, technology, and management communities to integrate proven processes and innovative tools to solve problems, ensuring positive outcomes.


Whatever your starting point or your level of infrastructure and resources, we provide the expertise and services to meet your mission.


Our IT Services include:

  • Full lifecycle engineering

  • System development and design

  • Business and requirements analysis

  • Architecture design and review

  • COTS/GOTS integration

  • Custom development

  • Data integration

  • Cyber security consulting

  • Hardware and software installation and Maintenance

  • Service desk/help desk

  • Network operations center (NOC) Support


Our Management & Strategic Services include:

  • Process improvement/quality assurance

  • Project management office (PMO)

  • Business process improvement/reengineering

  • Change management/communications planning

  • Enterprise architecture solutions



U.S. Army, Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A) Network Operations Center (NOC)

VICTOR42 technicians engineer new applications; data integrations; monitor critical network elements; monitor the intelligence platforms; and implement, maintain, and repair routing, IP switching, firewalls, and remote access protocols for Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A) Network Operations Center (NOC). Other services include: core training; forward-deployed training; engineering, installation, implementation, and configuration services; as well as user engagement and embedded analysis services.

Network Operations Center (NOC) Support for other Government Agencies

VICTOR42 provides 24/7 coverage, with various network, server and security support teams ensuring the overall health of the enterprise. Our network operations center (NOC) technicians monitor critical network elements and engage in proactive network systems monitoring of various analytic platforms. NOC technicians conduct daily troubleshooting of the software, network, and signal strength across the network. NOC technicians implement, maintain, and repair routing, IP switching, firewalls, and remote access protocols; create reports on up time, bandwidth usage, server utilization, and other key metrics; and monitor automated and end user incident and outage reporting, troubleshoot, and resolve problems. Other NOC support services include: engineering, installation, implementation, and configuration services.