VICTOR42 is among the select few companies in the U.S. with over 10 years of experience providing special operations support and information technology solutions.

Our subject matter experts (SMEs) have decades of real-world expertise, providing our clients with the tools necessary to stay relevant to shifting demands in today’s ever-changing environment. We rapidly deliver flexible solutions—crafted to meet our client’s requirements—anywhere in the world. Our global understanding of logistics and on-site operations encompasses planning, building, operating, maintaining, and dismantling operations and strategic IT support elements.




Our Special Operation Support services include:

  • Manpower services and subject matter expertise support

  • Intelligence analysis and services

  • Basic and advanced intelligence training

  • Intelligence software field services engineers (FSEs)

  • Passive and kinetic targeting

  • SOF targeting training and process development

  • C-IED operations and training

  • Attack the network (AtN) C-IED target development

  • Surveillance and counter surveillance training globally

  • SOF operational support and training




U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)

VICTOR42 is currently providing All-Source Information Fusion (ASIF) Field Service Engineering Services to the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) worldwide. Our Field Services Engineers (FSEs) serve as data analysts & data integrators, front-end developers, and trainers. We provide services and support across a wide range of topics critical to supporting analysts, operators, and staff with their information problems including support requirements, user support and training, system-level support, and forward site support across the USSOCOM infrastructure.

100% of VICTOR42’s OCONUS-deployed FSEs are veterans with service in high-threat, semi-permissive, and austere environments within the CENTCOM AOR and other specialized locations across the globe. Supporting domestic and deployed counterparts, VICTOR42 FSEs work in pairs, which allows for a seamless transition from a training environment to a user-supporting environment. VICTOR42 conducts over 50 deployments annually, ensuring our FSEs arrive timely and fully prepared, reducing disruption to current operations and ensuring rapid integration of new units to operational areas.

United States army security assistance training management organization (USA-satmo)

VICTOR42 provided the United States Army Security Assistance Training Management Organization (USA-SATMO) Iraq Special Operations Forces (ISOF) with Extended Training Service Specialist (ETSS) support. Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service’s Iraqi Special Operations Force (ISOF) coordinated with U.S. Special Operations Forces until the withdrawal of US Forces in 2011. After the U.S. withdrawal, VICTOR42 helped fill gaps in tactical and staff sustainment training for ISOF, logistics and maintenance training for maintenance facilities, and sustainment training for initial and advanced skill instructors. At the request of the Government of Iraq (GoI) on behalf of the United States Government (USG), VICTOR42 provided tools, vehicles, and night vision (NV) maintenance and sustainment and weapons training to all Iraqi Counter Terrorism Services (CTS) Special Operations Forces (SOF) throughout the Counter-ISIS campaign and successful Mosul counter-attack.